Logan F. Daniels - HeadshotFrom an early age, Logan F. Daniels has lived for story. His own storytelling journey has paralleled the evolution of mankind’s ability to share, caution, and entertain. He began with art, drawing stories which mimicked those he found in the pages of Spider-man, Batman, and the Incredible Hulk. The visual storytelling led him to photography, where he continued to tell the more personal stories of his clients. Before long, he found his way onto the sound stages and set locations of various films and commercials where he continued the visual art of storytelling.

It wasn’t until a bout with cancer and a forced move from the west coast that Logan returned storytelling in the narrative form — a form he had practiced on and off through the years but found he couldn’t create the same impact he could through visual tales. Unable to continue telling stories through a visual medium, Logan spent several years studying the craft of writing fiction and, as seems the case with life, found he regretted not following this path long ago.

He now lives on the edge of the Paul Bunyan forest in northern Minnesota with his wife where he is thrilled to spend his days writing and working his wife’s family’s vacation resort.